Brrrrr…Windchill of 4 degrees!

It was a perfect frigid night for a warm bowl of wintry soup! Tonight’s main attraction was Golden Winter Soup from the cover of the Jan/Feb 08 Cooking Light.  I served mine with leftover Angel Biscuits from the Sept 07 Cooking Light and some cheese (we had some smoked provolone in the fridge) instead of the Gruyere Toasts the magazine recommends. I also omitted the chives because we didn’t have any. As a final modification, I used an immersion blender right in the Dutch Oven instead of a regular blender.

Some shots of the soup pre-blending (I just had to take photos…I was way too amused that the butternut squash matched my Dutch Oven!)
golden-winter-soup.jpg    golden-winter-soup2.jpg

…and a shot of the finished product:

It was really good! We decided we might leave some chunkier pieces of potato and squash in the soup next time, just for some variety in the texture.


2 responses to “Brrrrr…Windchill of 4 degrees!

  1. Looks great and perfect for a chilly evening. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe. Thanks for the review.

  2. mmmm… May just inspire me to make some soup for these cold winter nights! Looks awesome!

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