Make your own pizza night

I love hanging out with old friends around Christmas. Luckily, 2 of my best friends were free at the same time that I was, and they were able to come over for dinner! I decided to do a make your own pizza night. I started with an appetizer of Wingless Buffalo Chicken Dip:

img_0219(Source: my mom’s friend from work. I will post the recipe soon!)

I cheated a bit, and bought a pre-made dough ball from Wegmans. There was just no way homemade dough was happening yesterday, and Wegmans dough balls have never done me wrong!


With my husband, there were 4 of us, so I split the dough ball into 4 sections, and everyone got to make their own pizzas! We all decided we felt like thicker, puffy dough, so we didn’t bake the crusts by themselves at all. We just topped and popped into the preheated oven onto preheated stoneware (450 degrees.) I included pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella and provolone, shaved asiago, grated parmesan, pepperoni from the deli counter, proscuitto, fresh arugula, and mushrooms (these I sauteed in a little butter and olive oil with some fresh thyme, coarse salt, and ground pepper for about 10 min. and let cool). I also had some hot red pepper flakes out on the counter, and some olives for snacking.


I also put out a mixed green salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Dessert was not photographed… I made some molten chocolate cakes that I overcooked (only I would overcook a cake that by nature is supposed to be undercooked in the center, haha.) They were tasty!, but not quite as intended. 🙂

Here are a few action shots of the pizza making…

My friend Lauren, concentrating:

Hubby Ben:

Me (Things to note: 1. There is, as always, flour all over my shirt. 2. My friend is on the phone. Apparently I was taking too long with my dough? ;), and 3. I really need a hair cut.

Finally, my friend Jen, who truly never cooks. Her pizza came out really great!! We’re proud of you Jen! 🙂

Jen’s awesome pizza:


6 responses to “Make your own pizza night

  1. Pizza night has never been s fun. The food was great and fun. Very tasty toppings.

  2. I love DIY dinner nights like pizza! Looks like a great time 🙂

  3. Pizza night looks like so much fun!!!

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast! And the pizza looks yummy!

  5. What a fun night! And Wegmans pizza dough is the absolute BEST. I’ll bet your pizza’s were delicious!!!

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