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Banana bread…in a toaster!

So… we were recently very fortunate to get a Williams Sonoma gift card through a credit card points program, and we immediately knew we had to replace our sad, sad toaster. The old toaster came from my husand’s house before we were married, barely even toasted plain old toast, and sometimes started smoking. Yikes! I didn’t even bother taking a photo of it.  You can all envision the old, decrepit toaster, I’m sure! Here, in all its glory between the oven and the fridge, is the new toaster:


Apparently, our toaster (which, I remind you, we got for free…yay credit card points!) is actually a tiny oven. This will help immensely when I’m trying to cook a bunch of things at once. Until today, I had only toasted bread and warmed up some frozen soft pretzels. Exciting, I know. Today I jumped right in and made a…


…chocolate chip banana bread! (Food Network Kitchens recipe; sub chocolate chips for the walnuts.) The verdict: it’s awesome to be able to see the food on countertop level through clear glass. I had the convection setting on by mistake at first, though, and I’m not used to a convection oven. It definitely got a bit darker than I meant it to. The other issue was that I tried buttering the pan differently (I usually use that baking cooking spray with flour in it.) The bread didn’t come out of the pan very well. That’s ok, though, because I think I’m going to cut it into cubes and attempt a trifle tomorrow with chocolate chip banana bread and homemade vanilla pudding. 🙂